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Random, of the Korean variety

Everything from my loose tracks folder. Everything. Felt bad that they were sitting alone in a folder. A grand plethora of genres. From god only knows how many sources. All uploaded to megaupload. Some of it is older (okay most of it). It's how I roll. Enjoy?

If you have any questions about individual tracks, ask away. I'll see what I can do for you.

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Two Album Reviews (+uploads) - KYLEE & Kuroki Meisa

I totally suck at the reviewing thing but what have ya.


Official Site

Album Info
Title: Love Kicks
Genre: pop-rock
Released: 2009.03.04
Country of Origin: Japan
Language: English

1. S.A.U *** - This song sorta falls flat for me and actually gets a little annoying towards the end. The lyrics are pretty cute though. Her English never ceases to amaze me. :P

2. You Get Me ***** - I always end up putting this song on repeat. I love it and the lyrics are just so... awesome. She sometimes has this Miley Cyrus voice but more rock and less country. >_>; I mean the girl is only 14. x-x The lyrics really just make me smile though.

3. THAT ONE **** - It's cute~. But I don't put it on repeat. ^^ The lyrics are cute. I really like all the hopeful finding love songs she has. <3 The instrumental towards the end really does get a bit boring and I'm like can the song end already? u-u But I still like it a lot.

4. Not for You ***** - The song always gets me captivated from the very beginning. The lyrics just really strike a chord I guess. But sometimes the lyrics run together and I can't catch them but that's all me not her. lol....I really love this song.

5. Empty Handed ***** - This song is just really pretty. She really has such a gorgeous voice and the acoustic guitar on this is just really nice. And the lyrics are <3. If the girl writes her own lyrics (which I'm not sure about) then she really is amazing x-x. There's a slight country something to this song but nothing too big. More like Miley Cyrus or Faith Hill with still a more pop-rock sound. This song really does show off her voice though.

6. Whatever You Are Tonight ***** - This song is another one that gets me for the lyrics lol. But it's really nice music too and I think it's one of my favorites off the mini-album probably my favorite after 'You Get Me'

Love Kicks Album Zip

It's a great mini-album and Kylee really is a talented young girl and I can't wait for her to put out more music. She's definitely worth a try.
Overall Rating ****1/2

(Kuroki Meisa)

Official Site (maybe?)

Album Info
Title: hellcat
Genre: pop, dance
Released: 2009.04.08
Country of Origin: Japan
Language: Japanese

1. Hear the Alarm? ***** - I really love this song. It reminds me a lot of Namie Amuro. >_> her song ALARM, but I think that is mostly because it has the world 'Alarm' in it. x-x It's a fun song. If i could dance I'd be dancing to this song...this album. x-x

2. Like This ***** - I've been kind of crazy over this song since I saw the PV. I like it better than Bad Girl though both the PVs are sexy and mmmm.~ I think I like it better than the Criminal PV honestly. I just really like this song. I think it's an incredibly sexy sounding song. XP

3. Bad Girl ***** - Another really sexy and great song that I love listening to. :/ Her music really makes me wish I knew how to dance. I love the chorus. XP It's really catchy too. Her English is adorable in this song.

4. Criminal **** - I really love the beginning of this song...I also love how when she sings 'Criminal' it sounds like 'Creamynal' lol. It's cute. But the PV of this is super sexy.

5. No, no, no *** - This song is good but it falls a little flat for me. I think it's because it reminds me of some Beyonce song that I'm not particularly fond of but can't remember the name of. It's still good and I do like it. ^^

6. SEX *****(+1,000) - When I first got the album, I listened to this song 7 times in a row and ended up not listening to the last two songs right away lol. I really love this song. It's fucking sexy and just yeah........Listen to it. "Give me a taste of your honey" "It hurts so good" "Going crazy cause I'm thinkin bout sex" u-u The English in this song is so nice.

7. Lost ***** - This is a gorgeous ballady song. It's got enough beat to it not to bore me and the vocals are really pretty. I love it. u-u "If you can feel my heart, if you could understand"

8. THIS IS CRAZY **** - Another catchy song. It's really good but it doesn't sound stand so much to me as the rest of the songs, but it is still lovely. <3 Another song that I'd so dance too~.

hellcat Album Zip

This is one of my favorites of recent music releases. Kuroki Meisa is so amazingly talented not only in music but a million other things. Jealous. This album is definitely worth your time so check it out~! <3
Overall Rating ****1/2

Rotation Numero 4

Rotation #4

Again lots of different languages and variety of music. I put the language the song is mostly song in with the song and rate it along with including a description on my thoughts of each song. 50 songs are included.

Thanks is appreciated. The uploads on my other rotations should still be up at waltz_sofa

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Moon Hee Jun - Discography

It has come to my attention (and through a recent meme on my journal) that there are people in the world who have yet to hear anything by Moon Hee Jun. Why? I have no idea. Perhaps I'm just biased, but he's one of the greatest performing songwriters of his time and should therefor be widely recognized.

So I uploaded his four albums; Alone, Messiah, Legend and Triple X, his special album and the Winter Letter single. I think the only one that's missing is the Best Album with Soaring for a Dream on it.

Full albums uploaded to MegaUpload and single tracks to Mediafire.

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Enjoy ^^

3rd Rotation

Another rotation from me~! As usual the songs are rated as well as the language (not necessarily nationality of the band) is put with the title. I also write a little diddy about what I think about the song.

Thank yous are appreciated. It takes a long time to do this.

By the way I believe all the links on my previous rotations are still up and running so check them out too.

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2nd Rotation

Music Rotation #2

Whew more random uploads from me. Hope you find something you like and as always if you want more of a certain just ask and I'll upload for ya. :D Also there is 50 songs this time instead of 30. ^^

The music is rated and I am putting up the language it is mostly sung in for your convenience. :)

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Thank you's are appreciated~!

30 Songs

These are pretty random. I just had on my itunes and I just uploaded songs I liked and wrote a sentence or so why I like them. HOpe there's something you'll like. :)

I rated the songs as well put the language most of the song is sung in.

Sorry if my descriptions are boring I'm not all that great at it, plus there's a ton of songs and I got a bit tired. So yeah..

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Would anyone be interested if I started doing this weekly? Also if you would like me to upload more from any particular artist just ask. :D

I have a few artists that I'm looking for if you happen to have their music.

Coco Lee
Ke You Lun

Feel free to join waltz_sofa.
Giselle - in the throng
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Spice Girls' Greatest Hits
Artist: Spice Girls
Language: English
Genre: Dance, Pop, Ballad
Release Date: Jan 15, 2008

Upped for musicsporty1 but I thought I'd share for those who want to immerse themselves in some '90s nostalgia. The Spice Girls are back (kind of) with their Greatest Hits album featuring some of their best known songs (Wannabe, Stop, Spice Up Your Life) in styles ranging from sweet ballads (Headlines) to catchy pop songs (Wannabe) to dancey beats (Voodoo). ^^ I'm certainly enjoying this album more than I thought I would...

01. Wannabe
02. Say You'll Be There
03. 2 Become 1
04. Mama
05. Who Do You Think You Are?
06. Move Over
07. Spice Up Your Life
08. Too Much
09. Stop
10. Viva Forever
11. Let Love Lead The Way
12. Holler
13. Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)
14. Voodoo
15. Goodbye


Shorty Cat // Album // I Ain't Be Controlled

Shorty Cat is an all-girl punk band from South Korea.they play really great punk music paired with fun happy lyrics and cute vocals! they are full of win. plz listen kthx <333
i'm missing track 4 for some reason? D:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

artist:Shorty Cat

1.I'm Never Crush
2.Riot Girl
3.Let's Go Sunnyday
5.Smart Boy
6.I Hate Her
7.I'm Not Gonna Make It
8.TV Show
9.Turn On My Music
10.All The Time
13.Wake Up
14.Just Say Go
15.[hidden track]


tell me what you think, guys :)
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VG // album // Shadow of the Colossus OST

Shadow of the Colossus is a beautiful game. There is so much behind that one statement, but I'll only get into two of the reasons. The first, and probably most important, is the environment you play in. A close second, is the soundtrack. It's one of the best and most well put-together video game soundtracks I have ever experienced. And I've played a lot of video games. This is one of two video game OSTs that I listen to on a regular basis still, even after I've finished the game a few times through. It's just beautiful. I think the entire album is beautiful, but I included a few individual tracks in case you want to try those first. A few tracks I would recommend would be Prologue ~To the Ancient Land~, The Farthest Land, Swift Horse and The Sunlit Earth. (These are the individual tracks I uploaded)

All individual tracks uploaded to MediaFire and the full album zip hosted on Megaupload.

Shadow of the Colossus OST (album)
Artist: Kow Otani
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Language: N/A
Genre: OST
Release Date: December 7, 2005
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Full Album: Megaupload

Enjoy ^^
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